Home Gyms/Spas/Saunas

At YSP we realise that the modern home offers much more than the mere necessities. A home gym is starting to become an integral part of many a contemporary residence.

We work on three criteria; space, budget, and most importantly, your needs. We will start from a simple gym layout to full-spec design and artwork for your home gym interior, our design partner will work with you to create an engaging, fun space that reflects your goals and becomes an environment you’ll love spending time in.

Having a shared passion for fitness and great design means we’re able to create and deliver a home gym that’s truly is made for you. Whether that’s a treadmill and weight stack in your spare room or a full barn conversion, we’ll make your bespoke home gym and your fitness goals a reality.

The journey starts with identifying your wellbeing needs and working backwards from there, so you can be guaranteed that the home gym you get is the home gym you truly need. Our purpose is to give everyone the freedom to enjoy fitness in the privacy of their own homes working to the client’s needs. At YSP each gym and spa is unique in its design taking into consideration the surrounding and ambience of the location as to where it will be situated.