Nestled high in the mountains the Torres House seeks to establish an intimate contact with the natural environment in which it is located.Relatively open to the street, access to the house is through a fountain, from which emerges an impressive tree because of its size and its beauty.

Once on the porch, a large gate welcomes us as a mural made from marble, wood and steel. Inside, the lobby welcomes us with its marble Santo Tomas lilac and walls of volcanic complex, yet gives visual continuity to the rest of the house and garden, where he sought to respect fully the forest existing oaks.

The hall, designed almost like a glass box, gives us enough visual openness to simultaneously appreciate the mountain and garden, thanks to the large windows in the north and south sides, while its fireplace invites us to enjoy the warmth of the fire on certain nights can be very cold, due to the altitude of the site.

Both from the dining room or family room is possible to access the roof, where a large terrace allows us to enjoy splendid views of the Sierra Madre and the entire metropolitan area of Monterrey.

Thus, gradually, the house is showing us a sequence of spaces that are leading us in public areas to intimate areas, aand up to the roof, always being in visual contact with the forest.

DESIGN: Gilberto Rodriguez