House CH

In a privileged land occupied by an obsolete construction, we faced the dilemma whether to remodel or demolish it to make way for a new residential project. Together with the client we opted for the latter alternative and proceeded to demolish, adjusting levels under the new scheme, which would allow us to fully exploit the views of the city.The back garden disappears leaving only a narrow contemplative garden, which acquires a special character through the original cut of the existing rock.

The kitchen, breakfast room, family room and master bedroom visually enjoy the effect.

 Towards the front of the property, a large semi-covered terrace is built around the infinity pool which makes us forget for a moment the urban condition of the project, thanks to the immediacy of the large park opposite the proper.

Inside, a large double height living room with a set of exposed concrete skylights, becomes the heart of the project, due to the interesting effect of natural light that floods in. Around the living room lies the terraces, home theatre and office which bridges and develop completing the program.

 In the last level, the office enjoys splendid views of the city, besides being opened by a large window to the living room with double height, achieving a sense of great transparency and having a floating bridge on the terrace.

The materials used on the project were mainly grey concrete, wood, oak, black granite facades and interior and exterior white flattened, which bring to the project a decidedly sober and contemporary character.

DESIGN: Gilberto L Rodriguez