Hugo Mijares

Hugo Mijares


Hugo Mijares established One D+B Miami (One Design Build llc) in 2007 to pursue a broad design practice after working several years at Oppenheim Architecture. He holds a Masters Degree from University of South Florida and post-professional studies at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University.

His philosophy has always been a symbiotic relationship between the work developed within the studio and the services provided for clients. The studio focuses on a limited number of projects to provide an intimate understanding of material properties, construction and fabrication methods, grounding a projects conceptual interest in practical experience.

Regardless of the project scope, scale or type, the studio is careful to develop the experiential as well as the programmatic requirements of a project, with a goal to produce work that transcends function and exceeds expectations, while considering the economical and environmental costs.

Hugo hobbies and pastimes include travelling, making sculptures and doing hand drawn sketches. He is also an avid vintage motorcycle collector which he also restores.