The Studio

Set down in a stretching landscape the new studio, its materiality subtle, its form rooted in simplicity emblematic of modern design, is a controlled gesture, gently resting in the countryside, forming an expression of our ideology.

The studio’s building strategy is based on an elegant rectangle a form harmonious with the existing linear adjacent barn) of predominantly glazed elevations capped and enclosed at each end by larch timber clad ‘book ends’. Cor-ten detailing further enhances the sense of place, reflecting the old, discarded agricultural machinery and steelwork of the barn.

 Accommodation comprises of a reception and seating area for clients, a kitchen, storage, studio space, WC’s, meeting rooms and a library and services pod with a continuous expanse of space defined by volumes of Wenge pods containing the ancillary elements of the programme.

Frameless, 3.2m high glazed panels, embellished with a slight green tint to reflect the seasons of the landscape, afford panoramic views of the peaceful landscape and provide a comfortable and inspiring environment. These glazed facades are punctured by timber clad pods, within which dedicated functions subsist whose floating appearance evinces a gentle tension through the contrasting properties of solidity and levity.

 The timber clad boxes are utilised more on the southern elevation to protect the building from overheating; whilst high levels of insulation ensure the building far exceeds building regulation requirements on heat loss.

Employing a wind turbine, rainwater harvesting, eco paint, low energy central controlled lighting and underfloor heating, a central vacuum and air control systems, the studio, central to our aims, consciously approaches contemporary issues of sustainability.

DESIGN: Nicolas Tye