YSP through its international developments, regional offices and global partners have built up a very skilled, extremely well connected and passionate procurement team which can help clients to source luxurious residential properties within prime city locations in over a dozen countries.

Our real estate division is headed up by David Harriott one of the UK leading sub prime property specialists as well as our contacts with established property brokers globally. We also advise clients on potential future global hotspots for maximum returns considering their specific requirements both in budget and locality.

Our expert team will then work with the client to both enhance the value of the property for either your own use or immediate resale. We also have an in-house team that can advise on both legal and financial matters and if required arrange financing on behalf of clients if they so wish.

YSP has become a trusted brand which now deals with millions of pounds of real estate globally every year and is viewed as one of the most effective and knowledgeable in the luxury residential marketplace.